Twitter thinks the “Old Taylor” was officially back with her 2018 Billboard Music Awards dress

The “Old Taylor” may we dead according to Taylor Swift’s most recent album, but fans of the Reputation singer think old Tay came back to life for the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. Swift, who hadn’t attended the show in two years, won two awards — Top Selling Album and Top Female Artist. And the people of Twitter couldn’t help but notice something familiar about her lewk.

Swift wore a light pink gown with a high slit and silver embellishments. She also wore her wavy hair in a loose, low bun with fresh-faced makeup, completing the look with silver high-heels. It was a far cry from several of the star’s biggest style moments of the last few years — many of which included a platinum blonde bob and lots of black.

And fans took notice, many observing that she seemed to have returned to her style roots for the evening.

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While we love Taylor in all her incarnations, our nostalgic hearts were admittedly giddy when we saw her latest ensemble. We’re having major flashbacks to days of yore (aka “The You Belong With Me” era Taylor), and we’re not mad about it. Maybe this means there’s room in this world for both Old Taylor AND New Taylor.

What are your thoughts on this blast from the style past?

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