Taylor Lautner became SO uncomfortable when Taylor Swift was brought up during an interview

Remember when Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner dated for three months back in 2009? After all these years, we’re still not exactly sure why things didn’t work out between the pair – especially since they’ve both remained quiet about this time in their lives.

Yet, whatever feelings happened between them must still be a thing — or at least hard to talk about — because Lautner broke out into a serious sweat when his ex was brought up.

It all went down when Lautner, Lea Michele, and John Stamos got together for a Facebook Live chat to promote the second season of Scream Queens (which premieres Tuesday, September 20 at 9 p.m. EDT on FOX!).

The awkward talk about Swift began when Stamos stated that Lautner has “dated quite a few girls.”

“Yeah, I dated some people,” responded Lautner.

Lea then chimed in and said, “You dated Taylor Swift. I remember that.”

And that’s when things got soooo uncomfortable.

Lautner clearly remembered dating Taylor Swift, too, because when Lea brought up the song that was written about him, his pit stains became very apparent (and it’s really adorable). He eventually cut Lea off as she was trying to remember the song and stated, “It’s called ‘Back to December.’” (Oh yes, we remember!)

You can check out the entire, semi-awkward video below (the part about T-Swift starts around the 9-minute mark):

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