These are the Two Crystals a Tarot Card Healer Uses for Their Sleep Routine

Taylor Boyd talks healing physical practices and their spiritual career journey.

When Intuitive Tarot Reader Taylor Boyd moved from Ohio to Portland, Oregon two years ago, that’s when their spiritual journey truly began. “My three-year relationship with my girlfriend at the time came to an explosive end, and as things really started to crumble around me, I taught myself how to find peace and clarity no matter my external circumstances,” the 23-year-old tells HelloGiggles.

One of the ways she found tranquility was by throwing themselves into their tarot card practice while she was volunteering at a ceramics studio. “I felt called to start a business helping others find the same peace and clarity I found through hardship,” Boyd explains. And that’s what makes their intuitive healing business so unique. “Now, a year later, I get to use my painful experiences to help lots of people,” Boyd says.

While she hasn’t been in business for long, she already has a lot of success under their belt. “One project I’m very excited to have started is my monthly fundraiser/raffle practice. It has given me a way to continuously give back, while also networking and collaborating with artists and small businesses,” Boyd says, adding that she creates bundles to be raffled from donated items from the companies and artists she partners with. “I’m also excited about my developing series of sound healings. These are short songs/chantings created with the purpose of cultivating healing around various topics such as health, money, love, etc. I’ve always felt called to music so it’s been cool to bring my healing practice and love for music together.”

With so many new projects happening on top of their ongoing tarot card readings, it’d be natural if Boyd felt overwhelmed by everything going on, especially during a pandemic. But she’s been doing their best to learn how to balance the time she gives to others with me-time. “My work requires a lot of energy and it’s so important to make sure I’m feeling 100% before I try to offer services to anyone else,” she explains. “I just have to remind myself that there will always be more people to help and that I can’t help them all. You can’t give from an empty well, you know?”

For this week’s Self-Care Sunday, we spoke to Boyd to learn more about their journey with spiritual wellness, their go-to self-care rituals, and their advice on exploring your intuitive journey for the first time.

Mental Health

HelloGiggles (HG): How has your relationship with healing others over the years impacted your mental health?

Taylor Boyd (TB): Healing others has helped me have a more positive outlook on life and also feel more fulfillment. I get to interact with so many people and feel their pain, which has really reinforced my belief that we are all so much more similar than we’re taught. I love my job and it has been very grounding for me with everything going on in the world.

HG: What are some practices or regimens you’d suggest others do if they feel like their mental health is affecting their connection with their intuition?

TB: Meditation is always my go-to practice. Listening is such a grounding force and it really helps to calm the mind. Meditation is also customizable and can include so many different practices. Maybe today my meditation is intentionally drinking a cup of tea and tomorrow it’s cleaning my house. Any way to take a step outside of active thinking is very calming, and relaxation is the gateway to intuition.

Physical Practices

HG: What physical activities have you been doing lately to help you connect with your intuition or guides?

TB: My physical practices mostly include yoga and tarot. Every morning I start with an intentional Hatha Yoga session to help me connect my masculine and feminine energy and receive any messages from my guides. Next, I meditate as my body is already in a state of relaxation, and listen for more messages and connect deeper with my guides. Then, I end my mindfulness practice with some card pulls to help bring my intuition into the material world.

HG: How do you suggest others physically connect with their bodies?

TB: Yoga is a good way to actively connect with your body. As you’re stretching, you get to call your awareness to specific points for specific amounts of time. I’ve also recently gotten into taking spiritual/intentional baths, which have been really good for connecting into my physical and emotional bodies. But really, any practice of showing your body love is a good way to connect with it. You could even just look at your body and compliment or hold it. Any way to show you love and appreciate everything it does for you.

Community Care

HG: As a tarot card reader, how have you been staying connected with your intuitive gifts during this time?

TB: Research is a huge part of what I do so I’ve been reading a lot of books as well as my regular spiritual upkeep. I love reading, and the more informed I am about the cards and the symbols they include, the better my work gets. Tarot will definitely be a lifelong study for me and it crosses over with astrology, world religions, and so much more. My Gemini rising loves a good rabbit hole.

HG: As a teacher, how have you been trying to support your community during this time?

TB: Community is everything to me and my business! With my workshops, I get to create a safe-space of group healing where the energies of every person work together in unison to help heal and teach each other. I love the workshops so much because every group is different yet there’s always such powerful energy generated. It’s beautiful to facilitate and be a part of it. 

Personal Joys

HG: Are there any crystals or other healing products that you’ve been gravitating towards lately?

TB: Lately, I’ve been working a lot with the crystals celestite and black tourmaline. I received the message that I need to pay more attention to my dreams so I’ve been sleeping with these two under my pillow to help intensify/remember my dream space activity. It’s been working so well. I’ve been having three to four vivid dreams a night with important messages in them. As far as other healing products, I always have a very vast collection of herbs, candles, and incense that I use for any sort of intention setting.


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HG: How have you connected with your joy during this time?

TB: Joy is something that I’ve learned to keep consistent despite any sort of external happenings. I always find things to appreciate and be joyful for no matter what and my practice of grounding myself in continuous gratitude, even if only for the fact that I woke up today, has been very healing for me. I’ve also grounded myself in the fact that we as beings need challenges and obstacles to grow and evolve. I thank every opposition for its lessons and release it. This practice has really helped me with no longer holding on to things like sadness, anger, worry, etc.

HG: What is your advice for people who want to explore their own intuitive journeys, but may feel nervous to do so? 

TB: I would say to start small and know that everyone’s spiritual journey is unique to them. There is no one-size-fits-all, which is part of the beauty and freedom of it. Also, remember that we are divinity incarnated, so there’s nothing external that you don’t already know. Our guidance is not separate from us, so it’s not a journey of finding peace and connectedness external to the self, but a journey of uncovering our natural state of peace and love and allowing it to take over again.

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