Tavi Gevinson’s newest Rookie project is the girl power we need right now

There are some great things happening in the wonderful world of women online. Rookie magazine just announced that their founder Tavi Gevinson is launching a new Rookie podcast! Tavi and Rookie are teaming up with MTV to deliver their first podcast on April 4. New episodes will be released every Tuesday in the iTunes store, so subscribe right away in order to stay up to date.

The Rookie podcast will basically be an audio extension of the magazine itself, featuring writers, artists, musicians, and contributors who make Rookie an exquisite community of diverse voices. Tavi will be the host every week, and it’s already been confirmed that Winona Ryder and St. Vincent will guest star.

There will be feature editions called “Ask a Grown” and “Life Skills,” and Tavi will include questions and suggestions from Rookie fans on a regular basis. In an online post, Tavi expressed her excitement for this upcoming project.

"It’s going to be the best! I seriously cannot wait for you to hear everything we’ve been working on," Tavi wrote.

Tavi wants all Rookie readers to get involved with the new podcast as well, so she encourages everyone to send voice memos throughout the season. You can email your memos now to [email protected].

With all the positive, socially conscious material that comes out of Rookie mag on the regular, we can only imagine what kind of magic their new podcast is going to offer to women. So don’t waste any time! Sign up for the Rookie podcast on iTunes and get involved with the great community of women who are dedicated to lifting each other up.