Tavi Gevinson’s ’90s dress is giving us major Polly Pocket vibes

We love a good throwback look as much as the next gal, so that’s why we’re OBSESSED with this. Tavi Gevinson, fashion blogging phenomenon, posted an Instagram pic of her latest get-up, and it’s a serious ’90s Polly Pocket throwback. The nostalgia is strong with this one.

Polly Pocket, the popular 1990s Mattel toys were tiny dress-up dolls that lived in pocket-sized compacts with soft plastic clothes and accessories you could interchange to customize the dolls’ outfits. By the time Tavi, who was born in 1996, was of Polly Pocket-playing age, Mattel had taken the dolls online, launching the video game of the ’00s.

In a Samantha Pleet 1000 Faces cocktail-length dress, opaque tights, clunky Prada sandals, a faux fur coat from Shrimps, and a boxy Miu Miu back, Tavi nailed the look.

“Last night I dressed like a Polly Pocket/Betty Spaghetti/dress-up computer game from my childhood!!!”


We’re not gonna lie, Tavi’s post makes us want to run to mom and dad’s basement and break out our old childhood toys.


Polly Pockets never get old. The possibilities! Which handbag to pair with which shoes? Which sandals compliment the print of the skirt we chose?


Inside each of those little compacts was a whole universe that, honestly, prepped us for the real world (kind of — in its own way — just go with us here).

We think these need to make a major come back. Tavi, we can count on you to make that happen, right?

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