The Taurus new moon supermoon is here, so here’s how we’re celebrating!

Ah, Taurus season. As the season of the bull, ruler of everything luxurious and grounded, this time is all about finding your footing and settling in — all while wearing the best outfit and most fabulous shoes you own. And with the Taurus New Moon on April 26th, we’re in for a cosmic reboot that’s asking us to get real about what we want (and to realize that we deserve it).

Since Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, everything surrounding our hearts’ (and bodies’!) desires is magnified. It’s the season to put your pleasure on a pedestal and make it of the utmost importance. The best part? The Taurus new moon is the first supermoon of the year, or when the moon is particularly close to the earth. And although we won’t be able to see it, the moon’s energy will be especially potent at this time.

So what IS a new moon?

The new moon takes place when the sun and moon are aligned, with the moon sandwiched between the earth and sun. During the new moon, you can’t see the moon, which is why it’s also called the “dark moon.”

Energetically, the new moon is a time when we have the opportunity to press the manual "reset" button. The moon rules over our intuition and unconscious, and when she's dark, it's like the slate is wiped cleaned from all the energy we've accumulated over the past month.

Since we have four planets in retrograde, this new moon is a way for us to stop and find some stillness in the chaos. Both the full and new moon are the most energetically potent time of the month, but they serve different purposes. When the moon is new, we focus on what we want to let go of and what we want to manifest in the coming month. The new moon is a time to get real about what’s no longer serving you, or what you’ve been carrying around for the past month that’s been weighing you down. As the moon’s light waxes (or grows) to the time of the full moon, we focus on what we want more of. The new moon is a way to energetically level the playing field to allow us to do that.

How to work with the Taurus new moon:

If you know someone who’s a Taurus, you’ll know they can be stubborn. Occasionally with good reason, occasionally not. But if there’s one thing Taurus is good at, it’s bugging us until we notice something. Is there something that’s been simmering under the radar, possibly for months (or even years), that you haven’t been paying attention to?

Taurus’s also work really hard, and if they set their sights to something, you know it will get done. Sometimes, we just need a reminder that we can use this same earth energy to grow our deepest desires into reality. So this Taurus new moon, use the energy of the supermoon to get real about what you want and need, and don’t be afraid to let go of what’s holding you back.

Here are a few Taurus approved ways to celebrate the new moon…

Burn, baby, burn!

One easy way to get real about what you do and don’t want? Write it down. Find a comfortable, safe space you can relax in with a pen and paper. Take some time to ground and center, taking a few deep breaths and feeling the way your body is fully supported by the earth beneath you.

When you’re ready, write down what you want to release. You can write them as “I release…” statements or anything else that feels good. As you write one intention down, tear it off. Eventually, you’ll have a strip of paper with each thing you want to release on it. Find a space where you can burn these safely, using a fire-safe dish to help you. (You can also flush them down the toilet if this isn’t an option.) Take some time to acknowledge each thing you’re letting go of, relishing in the destruction and release that takes place as you burn it away.

As it dissipates, imagine its hold on you dissipating as well. If this feels good, you can also perform the same ritual with what you want to manifest.

Treat yourself.

What better time to treat yourself than at the Taurus Supermoon? Maybe you’ve been carrying around all your tension in your neck, perhaps your lower back just aches; either way, the new moon is the perfect excuse to get a full body massage, an aromatherapy treatment, or to simply have the most luxurious bath of all time.

Taurus is an earth sign, and since it’s ruled by Venus, that means everything delicious in the physical realm is their territory. This sign has a serious knack for pampering and self-care, and you can totally tap into this, too. Take time to physically nourish yourself, repaying your body for all the work it does in making sure you’re alive and healthy. If you’re taking a bath, use a couple cups of epsom salt to help ground your spirit and relax your muscles. You can add in rose petals, peppermint, lavender, and/or geranium essential oils.

Shake it out!

The only downside that comes with being an earth sign? The potential to become a little too grounded. Our energetic and physical bodies are connected, and if you’re in the mood to shake things up and shift things around in a new way, dancing and moving is the way to start that. Go to a vinyasa yoga class, dance wildly around your room, take a salsa class with your girlfriends, or find a bellydancing routine on YouTube. Allowing your body to move gives your emotional body the same opportunity. Taurus is a fixed sign, which means the energy can be inflexible and stubborn. Allow yourself to move in new ways to combat this!

Cook (or buy) a delicious meal.

The way to seduce a Taurus is through something yummy. And whether you’re seducing yourself or a lover, whipping up a sensory-satisfying dinner is one way to do just that. Make it an entire experience; dim the lights, put cushions on the floor, and eat in the living room. Serve drinks with lavender or rose in them, and make sure your food has plenty of flavor. Put on some tunes that light your inner flame, slip into something silky that kisses your skin, and enjoy your evening.

Whatever you do, enjoy your day! Happy Taurus Supermoon!

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