These tattoos track your health like a fit-bit, and it’s blowing our minds

If you’re buying a fitness tracker for yourself or for someone else this holiday season, stop your shopping cart right now and check this out instead. There are the versions that go on your wrist and clip to your clothing, but now there’s an even cooler way to check your vitals. How about a fitness tracking tattoo?

Chaotic Moon, a mobile development company, has created a wearable fitness, wellness, and health tattoo, all rolled into one. It’s only a temporary tattoo, because an actual ink tattoo that tracks your heart rate might be TOO MUCH to digest right now. But these temporary tattoos, called Tech Tats, work just like any other app or device you might have — except that it’s directly attached to your skin like you’re some kind of futuristic robot or something.

Tech Tats are a circuit board right on your skin. Thanks to tiny little microchips and sensors, they’re able to track things about your body, and could potentially even alert you to sickness before it happens. The chip is an “ATiny85 microcontroller” and works with an electroconductive paint to gather data  — and yeah, it can all be sent to an app on your phone.

“Rather than going to the doctor’s once a year to get your physical, this tech tattoo would could be something that you put on your body once a year and it monitors everything they would do in the physical, and sends that to your doctor,” Eric Schneider, who works for creative technology and hardware at Chaotic Moon, explained in a video. “If there’s an issue, they can call you.”

The press release for the tattoos suggest that they’re looking at something as simple as a Band-aid like package for these Tech Tattoos, making them accessible to everyone. Right now, though, they’re still working through the long-term plan for them, like how long a tattoo will last, how data will be transferred between tattoos, and how long humans can go with electroconductive paint on their body.

These things will all come with time, including an estimated price to snag one ourselves, since this is something we’re totally going to buy. Haven’t you always wanted to wear wear fitness tech right on your SKIN?

(Image via Video.)

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