Wands up! 15 tattoos for those who want a little more magic in their lives

Marveling over tattoo designs is probably one of the most exciting things we do in our spare time. You can spend hundreds of hours scouring Pinterest or #tattoos on Instagram, looking for that next cool design. But lately, we’ve been obsessed with all things magical. Magic=themed tattoos are so stunning, and can either be minimalistic perfection or a complex work of art.

We’ve been spending so much time scouring Instagram for our favorite magical tattoos, it’s taken all we have to not book an appointment at this very second. Here’s what we mean…

1Who says potion bottles can’t be stunning?


2Harry Potter forever. Always.

3This minimalistic unicorn brings a little magic to your day:

4One hand making magic:

5A moon in the stars:


6Looking into a crystal ball:

7Two hands conjuring up some sorcery:

8A stunning moon that proves magic is all around us:


9Nothing like a little bit of liquid luck:

10A daily reminder:

11A wolf who seems to have frolicked amongst the galaxies:


12A boiling cauldron:


13So much magic on one arm!

14A little magic brought to you by Beauty and the Beast:


15A stunning watercolor moon:


Wands up!

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