Tatiana Maslany wore sneakers with a party dress, and now we want to wear sneakers with a party dress

Leave it to the queen of character acting to inspire a new fashion trend. Tatiana Maslany wore sneakers with a party dress, and now we want to rock the same look. As long as we end up looking as baller at Tatiana did.

Tatiana arrived at the Paley Center for a Q&A session for Orphan Black on Thursday in Los Angeles. But not only were people obsessing over the show, they were entranced by her style choice for the event. The actress dawned a pair of amazing sneakers to go along with her dress. In order to fully appreciate the outfit, you need to see it for yourself.


We are loving this trend!

Besides playing a ton of different characters on Orphan Black, Tatiana is showing us an amazing side to fancy dressing.


Who said you have to wear dresses with heels, anyway?

Instead of dawning the typical high-heeled shoe, Tatiana went for a flashy metallic sneaker. In addition to looking totally fly, she added a few inches to her hight by picking kicks with a little platform.

Tatiana Maslany also added a simple bracelet to offset the pretty intricate ruffles of her dress.


We love how versatile this look is!

Not only is the look comfortable and so chic. Just look at how Tatiana came out to the Paley Center panel:


She added a pair of leggings, and a black hoodie to the ensemble! We women must thank Tatiana for breaking ground on comfortable footwear. This has to be one of the most practical and amazing ways to rock the red carpet. Between the comfort and the style, we basically want to steal everything about this look.

Keep on killing the fashion game, Tatiana!