7-Eleven now has their own tater tot bar, and is this heaven or hell?

Did it get hot in here or are we just freaking out about 7-Eleven’s new tater tot bar? Someone talk us down because we’re losing our minds. FoodBeast reported on March 13th that 7-Eleven released their own ~customizable~ tots that can be treated like “nachos” or “hot dogs,” in that you can load them up with condiments galore. Wait, are we crying?

The tots work like this: You can grab a set of 10 for $1 or 25 for $2 (25 is the obvious choice, in our opinion). Then you bring those tots over to the condiment station where you can load them up with onions, jalapeños, pico de gallo, and for an extra dollar, chili and cheese.

We don’t know what we did to deserve these, but thank you tot gods.

According to FoodBeast, the tots are cooked in those standard 7-Eleven microwave ovens, so the only thing lacking here may be the crispiness. And yeah, that does suck. But you can mask the lack of crisp with all those toppings, no problem. And hey, if these tots take off, 7-Eleven might get fancy and cook them in an actual oven (or at least a convection oven) later down the line. All we know is that this is the start of something that’s maybe good?

Some 7-Eleven lovers have already cracked the brand new system. Who says you can’t add other 7-Eleven delicacies to the tots — once said delicacies are properly paid for, of course.

People are generally head-over-heels about this junk food news.


If you know what’s good for you (in a mental and emotional sense, but certainly not in a physical sense), get to your nearest participating 7-Eleven now. We just found our new favorite guilty pleasure.

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