Buzzfeed just noticed a super bizarre detail in ‘Tarzan.’ Did you catch it?

Disney has a tendency of adding in and leaving out some peculiar details from their animated features — what some might call “Easter eggs.” For example, did you know that Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled make a cameo in Frozen (or were you too busy singing “Let It Go” for the fifty millionth time? It’s OK, we were too)? Or that Pumba, Belle, and the Magic Carpet from Aladdin all appear briefly in The Hunchback of Notre-Dame? Oh Disney, you trickster, you.

Most recently, Buzzfeed discovered something about the movie Tarzan that may not have ever crossed your mind —because why would it? You remember Tarzan, right? The 1999 Disney film about an orphan who grows up in an African jungle, raised by a kindly gorilla, who eventually encounters other humans and subsequently finds himself at the crossroads of going into civilization or staying in the comfort of his home among the trees? Here’s the trailer, in case you’ve forgotten:

Anyway, there’s a small (but potentially important) detail about the main character that was just brought to our attention, and we’d like to share this bit of info with you. But first, we’ll give you a few hints:

It’s not about his hands.

And it’s not about those big, dark eyes of his (though it may be partly related to that strong jawline of his).

Oh, and it may have something to do with hair…

Alright, if you haven’t guessed by now, we’ll tell you.

Dude has NO facial hair. Zero. None. 

And the reason that’s pretty bizarre is because, well, he lives in the jungle. Where the hell is he getting the razors to give himself a clean shave on the daily?

Yeah, it’s possible he was crafting shaving tools out of stone or maybe clam shells as early man did, but that’s pretty impressive to keep up. And while we’re on the subject, where’s the rest of his body hair? I’m not seeing any armpit hair on the guy, or even a few hairs on his chest. Maybe it’s genetics, or maybe it’s just Disney’s way of getting us to scratch our heads as usual at things most folks normally don’t think about.

Okay, if you’re not all that impressed, check out some of these other discoveries we’ve made in the past about Disney movies.

Like the time we delved deep into the complex history of fingernails. Seriously, if you’ve ever watched Snow White or Cinderella, you probably noticed these princesses were without nail beds. Guess ol’ Walt didn’t want to pay for manicures for these ladies.

And then of course there’s the even more complicated history of Disney dude’s chests, where we discussed the way in which Disney men (and boys, because let’s face it, we’re still years away from seeing a topless female Disney character, even if she were simply breastfeeding —whoa, whoa, I know. One thing at a time…) lacked nipples but sometimes had chest hair anyway. Tarzan of course became the exception to this rule. Guy definitely has some nipples over those muscular pecs.

All images via Wifflegif, Disney