Don’t believe this rumor about “OITNB’s” Taryn Manning

We’re pretty pleased to share the news that the report that Taryn Manning was leaving Orange is the New Black was TOTALLY FALSE. Hashtag blessed. We don’t know exactly how or when it happened, but Taryn Manning’s character on Orange is the New Black went from one of our favorites to hate to one of our favorites, period, and we were really upset when rumors started spreading that she was leaving the show to pursue a different image in Los Angeles. We’re surprised to say it, but we can’t imagine Orange is the New Black without her now.

Luckily, the actress confirmed on Instagram that she isn’t going anywhere voluntarily any time soon. (We would now like some reassurance from the writers that she’s going to be safe, thanks.)

Her caption reads:

"#quit #never I Love my squad! Silly magazines but still love ya! Xoxo"

First of all, WE LOVE YOU TOO, Taryn. We’re super excited to get this confirmation from Taryn herself, since, although some of the reports have since been deleted, even the Associated Press (who is usually quite reliable) reported that she was going to be leaving the show. We’re hoping that the crossed wires weren’t due to a misunderstanding about Pennsatucky’s fate, but it seems like we’ve at least got another season of her to look forward to on Netflix.

Now, if somebody could tell us that Samira Wiley is also returning, and last season’s finale was just a really, really bad collective hallucination…we’d be the happiest little binge watchers in the entire world.

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