Tarte’s Flirt eyeshadow palette launched just in time for Scorpio’s upcoming season

If ever there was a moody-hued Tartelette palette to appease your mysterious inner Scorpio, it’s Tarte’s all-new Flirt eyeshadow palette. Which is ~perfect~ timing, since we’re nearly on the cusp of the most magnetizing season of all the zodiac signs.

Like with all of their covetable makeup, Tarte’s latest eyeshadow palette delivers a mix of uber-pigmented and extremely flattering shades. This six-color set is next-level, though. With a few essential matte neutral shades offset by dark and hazy metallic tints, it’s the dream team of shadows for your perfect smoky eye.

Just check out this dark and dreamy eyeshadow palette for yourselves, guys. We totally understand why it’s named Flirt!

Known for their iconic Amazonian clay formula, Tarte delivers shadows just as potent as they are pretty. For those of you unfamiliar with that, it means their shadows are never chalky, patchy or uneven, and they last all day (and night!).

Keeping on-theme with the flirty nature of this palette, these shadow names are equally amorous. There’s a subtle nude Gaze, right next to an eye-catching warm cinnamon-hued metallic Touch. Hotline is a warm bronze, while Playful is a toasty cafe au lait. And with a name like Passion, we’d expect nothing less than the hypnotizing, warm rose gold metallic tint we find here. Snuggle rounds out the six shades, offering a tempting chocolatey shade.

Clearly, the Tarte geniuses had Scorpio season on the brain when crafting these colors. What else could encapsulate the sultry and mysterious essence of the season? We daresay nothing!

At just $23 a pop, we’d say this qualifies as one hell of a deal. As a matter of fact, we may get one for ourselves and buy one for one of our Scorpio friends as well…

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