Tarte Cosmetics could be adding a new skin care product to their beloved Rainforest of the Sea collection

We have yet another case to file under your thick stack of Makeup-Based Mysteries, (we know you have one). An Instagram post from Trendmood revealed that Tarte Cosmetics may be adding a skin care product to their beloved Rainforest of the Sea collection, and we have officially put on our detective hats out of anticipation.

The somewhat blurry and intentionally vague teaser post reveals what could be a Tarte Cosmetics serum, or possibly a lotion, some fancy Rainforest-inspired facial oils, or even a tinted moisturizer?! We are all eyes and ears for some answers, and completely on board for any new additions to the Rainforest of the Sea collection.

What do you think this mysterious new (skin care) product is?!

Or rather, what do you hope it is? We’d be down for glow drops that would cause us to glisten like a freshly misted forest. But really, most Tarte Cosmetics concoctions will please us.


Whatever it is, we can only assume it’ll compliment all the Rainforest-inspired eyeshadows we’ve been collecting.

Pretty much any shade under the sun goes well with dewy skin.

Even the packaging for this collection is next level.


Hopefully, we’ll soon find out how good (or bad) we are at playing detective.

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