Tarte Cosmetics launched a faux foaming self-tanner, and we are ready for our next tropical vacay

Sometimes the best way to usher in a new season is by channeling it through witchcraft, or most simplistically, dressing for the occasion. If you’re feeling ready for an early summer, we just found out that Tarte Cosmetics launched a self-tanner from an Instagram post on the Trendmood account.

According to the post, you’ll be able to channel your inner sun-kissed California girl look because the tanner launched March 5th. For those concerned about upsetting sensitive skin, the new spray will be alcohol-free, oil-free, vegan, and cruelty-free, so you can spray yourself worry-free.

You can purchase this mysterious glowing tanner for $40!

This can be your weekend’s self-worship time.

We didn’t even realize how ready we were for summer until we saw this sneak peek.

Bring on the beaches, we’re ready to ride some waves. Or channel Tina from Bob’s Burgers and fly over some cute sunbathers.

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Even if we’ve got that early summer glow, we still have to remember to apply our sunscreen.

If we’re ready for summer, we’ve got to be ready for all of it.

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We might have to wait a bit longer for real summer, but we can kick off our own season with this new tanner on Tarte Cosmetics’ website!

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