Tarte’s new H20 Lip Gloss will add a splash of shine to your spring and summer makeup

The shiniest lip gloss just launched, and it’s part of Tarte Cosmetics’ beloved Rainforest of the Sea collection. We love a good matte but lip gloss is still having its moment, and Tarte’s new H20 Lip Gloss is just the thing to add a splash of shine to your summer look. The H2O Lip Gloss Rainforest of the Sea Collection has all of the moisturizing and hydrating elements of the lipstick collection with the same name, but with the glosses have an ultra-shiny finish.

The water-based lip glosses are infused with ingredients sourced from the sea, like antioxidant-rich marine plant extracts. Other ingreeds include emollient aloe and vitamin E for extra nourishment. Concentrated mineral pigments deliver solid full-coverage color while keeping lips soft with a super glossy shine. The formula smooths tiny lines and plumps lips without it being sticky or smelly. (Hopefully, this cuts down on that hair-sticking-to-your-lips thing.)

The stuff mermaid dreams are made of.


The glosses come in 14 shades with several finishes; holographic, metallic, pearlescent, and cream. Each tube retails for $19 on Tarte’s website, in Sephora stores, and Sephora’s site.

The gloss in action.


Each color bears a vacation-themed tropical name to inspire your next escape. The high shine shades include: Sundress (peachy nude), Zipline (coral), Resort Life (cherry), Maui (fuchsia), Maldives (magenta), Hang Ten (rosy mauve), and Room Service (mauve).

The shimmer finish options are: Fiji (holographic opal with aqua shift), Bora Bora (holographic pearl), Oasis (holographic aquamarine), Sandy Toes (metallic peachy nude), Out of Office (plum luster), Getaway (metallic mauve), and Bahamas (iridescent mauve).


H2O Lip Gloss Rainforest of the Sea Collection:


Shop the Tarte Cosmetics H2O Lip Gloss Rainforest of the Sea Collection ($19) on TarteCosmetics.com and Sephora.com.

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