Tarte Cosmetics is blessing us with a beauty kit that we can customize, and it’s on sale

If you’ve ever dreamed about updating all of your whole makeup stash in one go, then the custom Tarte Cosmetics beauty kit might be just what the doctor ordered. The brand new temptation from Tarte Cosmetics allows customers to grab seven essential beauty items and a makeup bag all for the flat rate of $63. This is a steal considering the full retail price of these combinations is estimated around $165, making this a $100 discount. Who can even begin to argue with that?!

When you visit the part of the Tarte Cosmetics’ website that lets you create your own custom beauty kit, you’ll pick one of two makeup bags, then you’ll be able to peruse pre-selected groupings of foundation, blush, lip color, eyeliner, mascara, and makeup brushes.

The whole process is simple and relaxing, and since it costs a flat $63, you don’t have to worry about comparing prices!

There are so many different ways to mix and match products to truly customize your bag.

If you’re feeling tempted by this offer, make sure to swoop in now, because the offer is only happening today!


They are definitely financially trapping us with this undeniable offer.

Check out the create your own beauty kit station for yourself, and see what speaks to you!

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