Do Tarot readings with your favorite celeb goddesses

If you’re already someone who dabbles in Tarot or a newbie looking to purchase your very first deck, the biggest tip is to trust your gut instinct and go with whatever feels right. This is the same kind of advice to tap into when you’re at a pizza parlor trying to catch a slice. You’re met with a million different cheesy options. Does your intuition say simple pepperoni or roasted veggie? Only you will know.

There’s a silly superstition that says you should never buy a Tarot deck for yourself. Thankfully, this is just a an old wives’ tale. There are so many beautiful cards out there, it would be a complete shame to have to wait around until someone else buys them for you! And if you’ve dreamed of seeing some of your favorite ladies representing Tarot symbols, you’ll fall in love with this Celebrity Goddess Tarot Deck by Faye Orlove.

Among the different goddesses are RuPaul, Britney Spears, Bjork, Beyoncé and Olivia Benson! While this 22-card set only consists of the Major Arcana, and not the typically- complete 78-card deck, some people choose to still do readings this way. You can also opt out of the whole Tarot thing and treat these illustrated portraits as the little pieces of art that they are.

Celebrity Goddess Tarot Deck, $35

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Product shots via Faye Orlove.

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