Target’s differently-abled Halloween ads are earning big props

Instead of using the same old child models for Halloween costume advertisements, Target chose a different – and awesome – new approach.

For a circular featuring kids’ costumes, they showcased a girl on crutches as a Disney princess – and as Queen Elsa, no less.

The message is a profound one for parents and kids, since it represents children with different types of abilities—something not often seen in the media, much less Halloween catalogs.

And of course, supporters have let their feelings be known, singing their praises for the inclusionary ad.

And this isn’t the first time Target has featured differently-abled kids. Last year, the company shot two-year-old Izzy Bradley, a girl with Down Syndrome, for a toy campaign, according to the Daily Dot.

We’re loving how companies are finally starting to include more diversity in their ads and hope it’s encouraging to those who are differently-abled.

(Image via Twitter/Target)

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