Today in scary clown news: Target has started pulling clown costumes from its shelves

By now you’ve probably heard that there have been nationwide issues with creepy clowns. They’ve done everything from trying to lure children into the woods to chasing people with swords and making threats against schools. Essentially, it started when someone dressed as a clown in South Carolina tried to coax kids into the woods near an apartment building. Then it began spreading dramatically like a plague. Now there have been issues with creepy clowns in over 20 states, so basically nightmares are coming true!

This clown issue has even caused schools to close or heighten their security, put Ronald McDonald in retirement (seriously), and generally caused us all a lot of anxiety in regard to Halloween this year – and that was BEFORE we found out that sales of scary clown costumes have basically skyrocketed.

Luckily, one retailer isn’t having any of it. According to USA Today, Target has decided to pull a variety of scary clown masks from its shelves. Oh, Target, we knew we loved you.

Target spokesperson Joshua Thomas said via email: “Given the current environment, we have made the decision to remove a variety of clown masks from our assortment, both in stores and online."

Thank you, Target, for being there for us during this weird time.

While they haven’t pulled all of their clown costumes, the fact that Target is limiting the supply and weeding out the creepiest ensembles is comforting.

The retailer didn’t mention whether their sales of clown costumes were high before they took them off the shelves, but we can only hope they sold a minimal amount because we’re trying to be optimistic. We can only hope more stores take a page out of Target’s book, and do their part to impede the spread of the scary clowns.

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