Target Practice? Here’s Some Boobz

You know, I was just thinking to myself the other day, “Gee, but I sure do wish there was more gender equality in the shooting target world. There are just no blood-oozing female torsos that really speak my voice in the shooting range. Why must I always feel so alone in this world?”

An NRA vendor has been selling what they call “The Ex” — a shooting target that is basically a mannequin that ends just above the vagina, and oozes real-looking blood when you shoot it. Because what could be better target practice than a woman who broke up with you for no good reason, other than you wanting to use her for target practice?

Look at it. I mean… if this isn’t the best marketing idea ever, then my name isn’t Nancy Kerrigan:

K yeah, my name is definitely not Nancy Kerrigan.

Fun detailing (aside from the blood):

  • – The realistic wig that’s not janky at all!
  • – The way her boobs hang out of her bra, which hangs out of her torn tank top! Because you’d probably still do her one last time before killing her. It’s not violent if it’s not sexy, right?
  • – No eyes! Dehumanize the wench so she’s easier to wreck.

“What? It’s just target practice.”

After the internet went insane upon seeing this true American hero of sexist violence a$$hattery, the company decided to stop making it.

There’s your lesson, kids: take your culturally destructive, cycle-of-violence-enforcing products off the shelves for the sake of not having bad PR, not because you have any semblance of humanity whatsoever. If you did, you’d never come up with these brilliant ideas in the first place!

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