There’s a new “Alex From Target” in town and he’s giving us heart eyes

Remember Internet sensation, Alex From Target? If you need a refresher, he was just a regular guy, who happened to be working the checkout lane at Target one day and “unsuspectingly” had his picture snapped and it went VIRAL. Like, mega viral. Like, he got to meet Ellen DeGeneres, and I’m still kinda mad that no one ever made Rachel From Target a thing, back when I worked there one holiday season (but back then Twitter wasn’t a thing, or at least that’s what I keep telling myself). Then, we found out that Alex From Target was just a marketing ploy, but boy was it a great marketing ploy!

Anyway. That was 2014. What’s in store for the 2015 holiday season? Meet Target Hendrix, who is here to do a price check on our hearts. Twitter user Word Link has brought this new Target icon to our attention, and we are forever grateful.

Target Hendrix’s real name is currently unknown, and besides, Target Hendrix has a nice ring to it. He got his nickname from rapper Future Hendrix, who he bears a striking resemblance to, right down to the dreadlocks. He’s also really making that plaid red shirt work for him, and skinny khakis, and some Air Jordans? I mean COME ON.

If you’re looking to find Target Hendrix in the flesh and invite him to join you over at the in-Target Starbucks, you’re going to have to make your way to the one-stop shopping location in Houston, Texas. That’s where Target Hendrix was last spotted, aisle unknown. While he hasn’t gone as viral as Alex from Target yet, there are still 24 shopping days till Christmas, leaving plenty of time for him to stop by Ellen.

Image via Twitter

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