Yes! Target now has a clothing line for children with disabilities

Getting dressed can be a challenge for people with disabilities. The fashion industry has overlooked this fact for a long time, but that could finally be changing. Why? Well, Target announced a line of adaptive clothing for children! This is major.

On October 22nd, the beloved retailer will release a 40-piece extension of the Cat & Jack label, according to Cosmopolitan. The collection will be priced between $4.50 and $39.99 and sold on Cat & Jackcurrently includes clothing geared toward children on the autism spectrum. Clearly, the label is focused on inclusivity in 2017. Just one more reason to do literally all your shopping at Target, right?


“Our team met with real kids to understand what their needs are in different types of apparel, then put our expertise to the test to create the products," Mari Anderson, principal technical designer at Target, said in a statement on the company website.

The resulting items feature removable sleeves, soft fabrics, and additional closures and openings that will hopefully make life a little easier for kids (and their parents!).

All the extra details are subtle, which was important to the Target team. “We wanted to ensure that the children who purchase the adaptive clothing or sensory friendly clothing from Cat & Jack didn’t feel that they were standing out in any way,” Julie Guggemos, senior VP of product design and development at Target, told Huffington Post.

Children appear to be the first frontier when it comes to adaptive clothing. Last year, Tommy Hilfiger collaborated with Runway of Dreams on a collection. This week, the label announced a range of adaptive clothing for adults. Maybe Target will follow suit at some point!


We hope to one day see adaptive clothing in every store — and for every age group.

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