Target is changing one major thing about their stores, and it’s making us sad

Target made a rather disturbing announcement that, as of October 1, thirty stores have cut down the candy available to buy at check out. Instead of Skittles and Snickers and five different gum flavors you didn’t know you needed, the registers are now stocked with healthier options, like granola bars, nuts, and water. OK fine, so this isn’t exactly bad news —but did it have to arrive in October? When it’s Halloween season and ALL WE CAN THINK ABOUT IS CANDY?

Christina Hennington, Target’s senior Vice President of merchandising told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that, “We feel like we need to make the healthy option the default option.” Christina must not know the sweet sweet victory of sneaking a bag of Reeses Pieces into an otherwise boring purchase of bathroom towels and Tupperware at the last minute, but I guess I see where she’s coming from. Health is important.

The VP insisted that there will still be some candy options at checkout, and Target doesn’t want its customers to feel like they’re being judged for buying delicious peanut M&Ms. (And we appreciate this, Target.) “We are testing the envelope to see how far we can push it without annoying our guests,” she said. “[Customers] don’t want us to tell them how to live their lives.” Fair enough. More nutritious options are probably for the best.

I mean, it’s not like I spend the majority of my adult life wishing for a frosted, sprinkled escape from the burdens of paying bills and taxes and eating kale.

Or that this is one of my secret dream jobs.

And this is my secret dream car.

No, really. It’s fine. What? No, I’m not crying. I have a little dust in my eye. From now on, I can walk to the candy aisle to slake my sugar lust. I need the exercise anyway.

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