Target is no longer carrying iconic brands like Mossimo and Merona, and here’s why

Sometimes it can be hard to say goodbye. Especially when you find yourself bidding adieu to a beloved brand you’ve shopped for years. Break out the tissue boxes and your fave red polo for this one, ladies, because the latest clothing brand farewell comes from Target. Spoiler alert: there’s a light at the end of this tunnel, and it comes with new athleisure pants and brands that will change how you shop at Target forever.

As fall approaches, Target devotees can expect to see standard brands such as Mossimo, Merona, Cherokee, and Circo on the outs as the big-red-box store welcomes new clothing lines into its stores.

The store will be introducing over 12 new brands that are exclusive to Target. The store has already offered previews for four of them and, let’s be real, the new clothes look so très chic, we’ve almost forgotten about poor Mossimo.



The new lines include one geared towards women called A New Day, another for men called Goodfellow & Co, as well as JoyLab, an athleisure line, and Project 62, a home décor brand. The brands are set to roll out by fall and will pave the way for eight other brands coming to shopping isles in the next two years.



All of this is part of Target’s latest strategy to give shoppers a boutique experience and get them into their stores.

Of course, we’ll be mourning the old brands, but we’re looking forward to all the trendy items we’ll get to see when fall finally comes around. Until then, BRB while we shop those clearance sales!

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