Target’s breastfeeding policy is awesome, and we think other stores should take note

As Bustle reports, a copy of Target’s breastfeeding policy recently surfaced online, courtesy of the Facebook group “Breastfeeding Mama Talk,” and we completely approve of the super-respectful and considerate manner in which Target asks its employees to treat breastfeeding moms:

Line by line, Target shows that its putting moms first. A mom can breastfeed in an area of the store, employees are NOT supposed to bug a breastfeeding mom, and if that mom asks for a place to breastfeed, she’s escorted right to a fitting room. This sounds like the perfect mix of giving help if it is asked for and, if assistance is not required, leaving well enough alone.

The Facebook group thread for the post has exploded in “Heck yes” comments:

This is why I love Target!!! About a month ago I was nursing my daughter and a customer went and got a manager, brought them to where I was nursing( in the men’s section with my husband, covered up) and complained. The manager apologized to me and explained to the LADY that I was allowed to feed my baby where ever I am comfortable doing so. And proceeded to explain to the lady that if she didn’t like it, don’t watch.

Good work to them for getting it right and training their staff properly on this especially love “do not offer the restroom as an option”…so many other places have been guilty of this!!

I’ve been approached by an employee of Target every single time I’ve nursed in one of their stores… To see if I needed anything such as a bottle of water

One reason these policies are being so widely celebrated is because a few years ago, Target was NOT such a friendly place for breastfeeding moms. As Time reports, in 2011, after a mom breastfeeding in Target was made to feel uncomfortable about the act, “nurse-ins” were organized all across the country to protest Target’s mom-unfriendly policy.

We’re so glad Target changed its tune and hope that other retailers will take note and update their policies as well to ensure that a breastfeeding mom can feel as comfortable as possible when she’s out and about.


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