Target and Barbie just started this rad, body-positive movement on social media

It’s March, which means bikini season is right around the corner. Usually this is the time our nation’s body anxiety skyrockets. Target, however, is hoping the mitigate our dread with the launch of their #NoFOMO campaign, which is meant to show girls of all shapes and sizes that they shouldn’t be afraid of showing off their beautiful bodies at the beach, pool, or anywhere!

#NoFOMO is based on the popular acronym FOMO, which is sort for “fear of missing out.” Target’s campaign wants to stop girls from letting their insecurities keep them from rocking an awesome bathing suit. Target then partnered up with Barbie, to deck their new diverse doll line in Target’s line of plus-size and straight-size swimming suits.

The hashtag #NoFOMO is quickly spreading on Instagram and Twitter, where girls of all shapes and sizes are proudly sharing photographs of themselves in their swimsuits. They all look fantastic—and, more importantly, proud.

As Jewel at the Style Optimist explains, “Overcoming FOMO  isn’t just about overcoming insecurities, because we all have them right? It’s about building confidence that exudes from the inside out.”

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