Target is adding new makeup brands that cater to people of color, and we love them even more now

Who could have imagined that Rihanna would usher in a new age of beauty standards? Brands everywhere are coming to the realization that having a diverse range of products is not only essential, it’s profitable. And while Fenty Beauty might still be a bit outside of many price ranges, our trusty Target is adding more diverse beauty brands and products to its lineup.

In a savvy move, Target is adding eight rising beauty brands to its empire, most of which are created specifically for and owned by people of color. Inclusivity is an absolute must, and Target clearly wants to represent and support its diverse customer base. Target’s Senior Vice President of merchandising for essentials, beauty, pets and wellness, Christina Hennington, told WWD:

"The world is changing, especially for the Millennials and Gen Z. We carry breadth [of assortment] and that's paid off in hair care and we are confident it will in cosmetics, too."

The next time you head to Target, you’ll be able to check out products from beloved brands like Reina Rebelde, TheLipBar, ColouredRaine, Haley’s, and Makeup Geek, to name a few. Most products will range from $9.99 to $24.99, according to WWD.

Starting May 20th, you can shop your favorite inclusive beauty brands at Target, both online and in select stores.

This is huge news not only for beauty lovers, but for these indie brands that have worked so hard to make diversity the foundation of their businesses.

You know we can count on Target to provide us with high-quality products at an affordable price point, making this even more exciting. Keep those eyes peeled and ready because come May, we’ll all be stampeding over to Target to get these for ourselves.

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