How did we forget that Taran Killam from SNL was on this ~iconic~ sketch from “The Amanda Show?”

Taran Killam is a man of many talents — and one of those talents is making us laugh our butts off!

Y’all might know him from shows like Wild ‘N Out (seriously, he was on the show for like, 4 seasons), MadTV, and of course, Saturday Night Live, but as we all know — actors have to start SOMEWHERE, right?

And in this case, it looks like the 34-year old comedian actually got his sketch comedy start on one of the most beloved Nickelodeon shows of all time — The Amanda Show!

Killam played the role of teenage heartthrob Spaulding in the recurring sketch Moody’s Point, which is a direct parody of late ’90s and early ’00s teen soap operas like Dawson’s Creek and Caitlin’s Choice.


And although Amanda Bynes’ character was supposed to be the moody one, we can’t help but laugh at this over-dramatic moment Spaulding has — does he not remind you of Dawson here?


Not only did Taran appear on The Amanda Show, he also had roles in Drake and JoshScrubs, and Rosewell. He even starred in the Disney Channel Original Movie Stuck in the Suburbs!

Who knew he was acting in a lot of our favorite childhood shows and movies?! No wonder we love him so much!

Check out an episode of Moody’s Point below and try not to let the ’00s nostalgia trip down memory lane get to you!

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