Taran Killam improvising the lyrics to “Hamilton” songs makes us miss him on “Saturday Night Live,” like, real bad

Remembering the lyrics to any song always turns out to be harder than we remember the second you actually start singing. And lyrics to a musical as intricate as Hamilton – that’s even harder. Celebrities have been singing Hamilton songs all week for the #Ham4All challenge, which Lin-Manuel Miranda has been using to raise money for his Immigrants: We Get the Job Done charity. So of course, that’s a great reason to belt out a song. Even if you don’t know the lyrics.

Taran played King George III in Hamilton on Broadway during the spring, so obviously, he knows his musical theater. Well, he knows the songs HE sings in the show.

When it came to belting out the showstopping number “Wait For It” as part of the #Ham4All challenge, Taran may have forgotten a few of the words.

Watch Taran Killam’s hilarious nonsense rendition of “Wait For It” that he posted on Twitter.

OMG, too funny! Here are some of our favorite ridiculous lyrics.

Grandfather was a fire and Flinstone creature,
But there are things that the honeybees and he’s won’t teach ya,
My mother was a seamstress,
My father Comanche respect,
When they died, they left no protections,
Just a legacy of insects.

And then as he gets into the bridge, it gets crazy and hilarious.

I am one cold man, I am an Eskimoooooo,
I am inedible, I’m on The Originals,
I’m not finding his kite or eating steak,
I’m not Stanley Tucci, I’m Marlon Wayans!

We are all Marlon Wayans, Taran. We’re all Marlon Wayans. Those lyrics were totally wrong, and yet, still totally delightful. We’d expect nothing less from the hilarious SNL star.

But if you need to remember the original lyrics, here’s the Tony-winning Leslie Odom Jr. singing it at the 2016 Tony Awards.


Yeah, unfortunately, there’s no eating steak or Stanley Tucci in the original lyrics, but we do love Taran’s nonsense version, and we’re happy that he’s singing it for such an amazing cause.

Find out more about #Ham4Change and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Immigrants: We Get the Job Done Coalition here.

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