The internet thinks Taraji P. Henson threw so much shade at Ryan Seacrest on the 2018 Oscars red carpet

The Oscars usually entail at least one or two “water cooler” moments, and this year’s biggest one may have already happened on the 2018 Oscars red carpet. As in, the internet thinks actress Taraji P. Henson just threw some major shade at pre-show host Ryan Seacrest.

Okay, some necessary backstory: A former E! stylist named Suzie Hardy recently came forward and accused Seacrest of sexually harassing her in 2007. E! claims they conducted an internal investigation and found no wrong-doing on Seacrest’s part, and they chose to have him still cover the Oscars red carpet as planned despite the controversy.

Several actresses had said they would likely avoid the host while on the carpet this year, while others, like Jennifer Lawrence, said they weren’t yet sure how they would handle the situation. And while Henson did choose to talk to Seacrest, the internet is a little unsure of her true intentions…

Here’s the clip in question, along with the virtual firestorm it created:

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While it’s impossible to know if Henson was subtly referring to the allegations against Seacrest, it certainly seems like she might have had something on her mind. But as of now, it’s purely all speculation, and we won’t know for sure unless Henson decides to address the comment herself.

Happy watching!

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