Taraji P. Henson demanding that Octavia Spencer share her candy at the Oscars is each and every one of us

As if the Oscars weren’t exciting enough, this year it literally rained candy on the audience. Yup, we’re talking about Red Vines and Junior Mints, followed by cookies and donuts (jealous, much?). And in case you were wondering, Taraji P. Henson won the best reaction to sky candy, because the expression on her face while it was happening was PRICELESS.

Octavia Spencer was pretty ecstatic, too (because who wouldn’t be? There was CANDY RAINING FROM THE SKY). And when Spencer caught some and Henson didn’t, she made damn sure that Spencer would be sharing (we support this 100% Taraji, and would have done exactly the same).

Okay, here’s what it looked like when the candy started falling. It’s kinda beautiful, right?

via giphyAnd here’s Taraji when the candy fell on her.

via giphy

And here’s Taraji peeking over Octavia’s shoulder another time when it didn’t.

via giphyAaaaand that just made our day. And here’s footage of Ryan Gosling while it was happening. JUST BECAUSE.

via giphyDelicious candy aside (just for a moment!), this year was great for movies. We might say that every year, but seriously, every nominated film was so utterly deserving, and we can’t wait to experience more stories that push the envelope and include diverse and underrepresented peoples and characters. If you haven’t seen La La Land or Moonlight or Hidden Figures, we recommend!

Now, how are they gonna top candy parachutes next year, we wonder?

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