Tara Lipinski is on a 40-day honeymoon, because why not?

When we think about honeymoons — we think of tropical paradises and crystal blue waters. But we may not be thinking big enough. Or at least, long enough.

Olympic ice skater Tara Lipinski took off on a 40-day honeymoon, and we wish we could’ve gone with.

The Olympic gold medalist finally met her perfect guy, and we are so happy for her. Tara married TV producer Todd Kapostasy on June 24th, and it looked like a beautiful ceremony. But now, Tara’s one-upping her incredible ceremony with what sounds like the most amazing honeymoon.

She and Todd are taking a trip around the world, starting in the Maldives, and then Switzerland and Greece. The photos Tara has already shared from her stop in the Maldives makes us want to go so bad.

Omigod, that may be the most amazing slideshow that exists on Instagram to date. And that water makes us wish we could jet there tomorrow. Also, we love that Tara hashtags she and Todd as #TNT, because that’s just too cute!

The Maldives is an archipelago of islands in the Indian Ocean, south of India. The area is known for its pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and lagoons perfect for snorkeling. This is the kind of tropical paradise we imagine for a honeymoon.

But Tara and Todd are just getting started.

40 days may seem like a long trip, but Tara looks poised to enjoy every minute.

She and Todd definitely deserve some time to enjoy their new marriage, and it sounds like they’re taking it. Since they have the opportunity for a long getaway, we say why not take it? And if all of her travels are photographed to perfection like this, we can’t wait to follow along.

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