You NEED to watch this little girl tap dancing to Aretha Franklin

As a small child, I used to dance. But listen, I was the worst ballerina in the world. I had two left feet (still do), I could never remember the routines, the costumes were always too itchy, and the tight buns I had to wear my hair in made me cry so many tight-bun tears. For me, dancing was more like a “deer in the headlights” experience. Put me on that stage, and I froze right up. But if I could go back and be a tiny ballerina again, I’d want to be just like little Johanna Colón.

Johanna performed in her dance studio’s recital over the weekend, where she danced to Aretha Franklin’s “Respect.” Joined by two other tiny dancers on the stage, Johanna and her pals immediately WOWED everyone in the audience. The crowd absolutely loved her (the unbridled cheers give it away) and it’s easy to see why. This girl has stage presence. She’s got sass. She’s got moves I still don’t even have as a 20-something. She also mouths all the words. Johanna is on FIRE.

Her mom, Elissa, posted the video to her Facebook page Monday with the caption, “My baby Johanna working it!!” The Internet picked it up from there, and the rest is viral video history. 

The two other dancers on stage know that Johanna is the star of this show, and they let her do her thing (they also watch her feet for all the dance moves, which is seriously too cute). Her thing also includes a grand finale which includes a whole lotta shimmying. She’s not dancing as if no one is watching. She’s dancing as if EVERYONE is watching, and she’s going to bust a move no matter what. Johanna, you rock.

Check out Johanna’s recital below, which will have you clapping and cheering along, too.

[Images via here.]