“Tangerine hair” is the latest Insta obsession, and it’s here just in time for summer

One of our favorite developments of the last couple years has been the windfall of creative hair trends. We’ve seen unicorn hair, glow-in-the-dark hair, rose-gold blonde hair, dyed gray “grandma” hair, and now, tangerine hair is officially the latest trend for summer. And we LOVE IT.

We know what you’re thinking: “Tangerine? Isn’t that just orange??”

And the answer is: Not exactly. As TeenVogue.com puts it, “From curls inspired by shades of sherbet that incorporate soft pastel shades of red, pink and orange to a fiery tangerine, this trend is all about choosing hair color as sweet as the fruit-inspired shades.”

Basically, it’s about sweet, feminine shade that scream “I’M READY FOR SUMMER!”  Here are some prime examples of the beautiful hues:

GORGEOUS, right?

And plug the hashtag #tangerinehair into Instagram and you will get a TON of other tangerine-inspired dos and inspiration.

If you now want tangerine hair for yourself, know that it will likely entail some time in the salon. Hair stylist Jamie Cramer told Glamour.com that certain tangerine-inspired looks (like the one below with green accents) can take up to four hours.

And in the same article,  Lissette Cruz —  product development manager over at Pravana —  recommended “choosing tones already in your hair’s color family for the easiest experience.” Basically, paler yellows and greens will usually work best with lighter, blonder hair, and deep oranges will work best with brown and auburn tones.

Whether you choose to make this the summer of tangerine or not, we think we can all agree on one thing: We could look at pics of gorgeous tangerine-inspired hair for hours. And we just might…

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