Got a self-tanning emergency? Call this tanning hotline (yes, really!)

Today in “I Didn’t Realize I Wanted This” news: there’s now a tanning hotline that you can call 24/7 to help with tanning emergencies. We only wish we knew about this a while back when we had a zebra streak down our leg!

Got a tan question at 3 a.m.? Have an engagement photo shoot in the morning and you’re looking kinda streaky? Call the Tan-Line! It’s the world’s first tanning hotline, brought to you by Tan-Luxe, the innovators in the glow game.

Whether you’re looking for tips on how to maximize your bronze or just want to talk about your day, Tan-Luxe has you covered. Now through September 4th, you can call 1-833-TAN-LUXE 24/7 to talk to the brand’s tan experts.

::Insert Drake lyrics here::

Tan-Luxe’s products are as luxe as the name implies, providing moisturizing, skin care-focused potions that elevate the art of the self-tan.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Tan-Luxe knows that there’s more to radiant skin than a bunch of orange pigment. All products are free of DHA, aka dihydroxyacetone, a gnarly chemical that tanners typically contain. With the word “acetone” is in its name, you know it has to be gross.

Don’t glow it alone! Call Tan-Line for any advice you might need.

If you call, you might even get to talk to Tan-Luxe founder Marc Elrick, tan-obsessive and mastermind behind the tailor-made tan system. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t get your tan with Tan-Luxe — they don’t discriminate.

Call Tan-Luxe’s Tan-Line at 1-833-TAN-LUXE (in the U.S.) or 0800-0129-292 (in the U.K.) 24 hours a day, seven days a week now through September 4th.