This YouTuber used tampons to apply makeup, so if you lose your beauty blender…

Tampons may be a gal’s secret weapon, and unexpectedly running out of beauty products is one of our least favorite feelings. But when this YouTuber got innovative and combined these two situations, we entered a whole new level of DIY genius.

Yup that’s right. Turns out tampons can actually double for makeup applicators, like our fav beauty blender. YouTube beauty vlogger Ashley Blue DeFrancesco shared her experiment in tampon beauty on Instagram last week. In the video, she uses a super tampon to blend in her concealer and does a surprisingly good job given the circumstances.

Watch the whole thing here:

However, when she finishes with a blender, she seems super happy! Tampons are super-absorbent, so despite being helpful in a pinch, there are downsides.

DeFrancesco joins several other bloggers that aren’t shy to get adventurous when it comes to beauty.

Laila Tahri shocked the beauty world earlier this month when she used a condom as a beauty blender. Tahri’s effort is a hack of the popular SiliSponge. Created by Hong Kong’s Molly Cosmetics, the tool uses flexible plastic designed to avoid wasting product.

Though the SiliSponge has been sold out for months, Tahri demonstrates that by placing a classic blender inside of a condom, you can get a similar effect.

And let’s not forget Bunny Meyer, who curled her hair with Cheetos, after first successfully using marshmallows!

She wraps her hair in the puffs, and over ends up with a full head of curls. (And somehow no cheese residue?) The video has more than a million views!

So next time you find yourself out of your favorite beauty product, just think outside of the box!

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