A social media campaign is on a quest to finally break the tampon taboo

Raise your hand if you get your period every month and you’re tired of it being this thing you’re forced to feel gross and weird and ashamed about. Is your hand up? I have a crazy feeling that a lot of people are raising their hands right now. After all, it’s a very normal part of being a human with ovaries and a uterus, but all of us period-experiencers have spent our lives being made to feel like this most normal of biological cycles is something we can’t be open about.

Times are changing, and whenever any social norm is tested today we get (drumroll please) A HASHTAG!!!! #JustaTampon, as Mashable reports, was launched by the children’s charity Plan UK and news and opinion website V.Point.

In addition to destigmatizing menstruation, the British-born campaign invites supporters to donate (text TAMPON to 7007 to donate £3 to Plan UK) to global feminist causes that Plan UK supports.

“Around the world, millions of girls face discrimination just for being girls,” the campaign explains. “One way this manifests itself is through poor access to quality menstrual health and hygiene. It not only poses health issues, but means girls can miss school when they have their period and face bullying. Only 12% of girls and women have access to sanitary products around the world. And in Africa, one in ten girls miss school when they have their period.

Donations will help tackle discrimination faced by girls globally, not just around menstrual hygiene but other issues they face including child marriage and female genital mutilation.”

We love supporting a good cause, and we especially love when that means getting to scroll through hilarious shots on social. Below, some of our fave contributions to #JustaTampon. Don’t you worry, we’ll be adding ours too.

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