The tampon delivery service LOLA has launched a first period kit, and it is genius

Far too many of us remember our first period with a tinge of shudder. First, there was the potential embarrassment of asking our mothers or teachers for help, then there was the whole new world of menstrual products to wrangle through. However, the delivery service Lola launched a period kit that’s not only dedicated to demystifying your first period, but also comes with the menstrual products you’ll need as you manage your now-fertile body.

The founders of the feminine hygiene delivery service LOLA, Jordana Kier and Alex Friedman, have been hard at work developing useful menstrual packages for women since they first launched their 100% organic cotton tampon delivery service back in July 2015, and it shows in their latest brainchild.

Starting today, you can buy yourself, or a friend or sister their First Period Kit for $34 through the LOLA website.

This is a clever way to celebrate a woman’s first period, while giving her the tools to explore products and take care of herself responsibly down the road.


The intention behind this kit is to provide a comprehensive package of products a young woman might need, the ability to figure out what she likes, and the instructions to figure out how to use them.

The kit itself includes six day pads for heavier days, six night pads, 10 liners for lighter days, 10 light tampons, a sticker sheet for period tracking, a pouch to store the goodies, an instructional card for each product, an organizing box, and a $5 LOLA credit towards further subscriptions. So for $34, it’s a pretty solid value.


Besides releasing the kit itself, LOLA has provided the educational resource of the free e-book, LOLA’s personal, honest, real-life guide to your first period (which was cowritten by the pediatric doctor Lisa Stern) at their My First Period page.

So if you or your loved one still feel shy about asking period-related questions out loud, you’ll have a whole e-book to leaf through online. Beyond selling their First Period Kit product, the founders at LOLA want to make sure young women have thorough access to information about their bodies. The idea is, periods don’t have to be scary, in fact, they shouldn’t!



If you think this may be a great gift for you or a loved one, go ahead and take a look at the First Period Kit for yourself.

We’re happy to see such a comprehensive tool for young women, because after all, periods affect more than half the population.