Everything you should know about Tammy Duckworth and her husband

Senator Tammy Duckworth has been breaking barriers since her election in 2016 (and before that, she was breaking barriers as a member of the House of Representatives). Today, April 9th, Duckworth continued to make history when she became the first senator to give birth while in office. But who is her husband? Here’s what we know about the couple who just welcomed their second child.

Duckworth’s husband is named Bryan Bowlsbey. He has been married to Duckworth since 1993, and the couple welcomed their first daughter, Abigail Bowlsbey, in 2014.

The couple’s second daughter was born today, April 9th. Her name, Maile Pearl Bowlsbey, was chosen in part to honor Bowlsbey’s great aunt, Pearl Bowlsbey, who served in World War II as a nurse. Duckworth wrote about the special bond Bowlsbey had with his great aunt on Twitter.

"He spent many summer months with her while growing up, we feel her presence still and are grateful for her service to our nation during the most challenging of times," she tweeted after Maile Pearl was born.

Bowlsbey and Duckworth met when they were both in ROTC at George Washington University. The pair didn’t immediately get along, however. In 2005, Duckworth told C-SPAN that the first time she met Bowlsbey, he “made a derogatory comment about women in the army.” But she added that he later apologized and helped her clean her M16 rifle.

They both went on to serve in the military, with Bowlsbey becoming a major in the Army National Guard and Duckworth serving as a helicopter pilot in Iraq. When Duckworth had to have both of her legs amputated after a helicopter crash in 2005, Bowlsbey stayed by her side in the hospital.

It’s apparent that after nearly 25 years of marriage, Bowlsbey and Duckworth have an incredible bond. Congratulations to both of them on their new daughter!

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