Tamera Mowry-Housley says they’re hard at work making the “Sister, Sister” reboot happen

None of us can forget Sister, Sister, the lovable show about twins Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell. Now, Tamera Mowry-Housley says the Sister, Sister reboot may happen, reported People. YAS, please!

“We’re meeting with writers and producers because we wanna make sure it’s all a great fit, but we are progressively moving forward to make this happen, Tamera told People. “We want to make sure that it is great TV and that it’s gonna be fun. We appreciate all of our fans’ eagerness because we are just as eager as you guys are.

We’re DEF those eager fans Tamera mentions! As you probably know, Sister, Sister aired from 1994-99, with reruns airing for many years after the series ended. The plot, ICYMI? The sisters had been separated at birth, but then ran into each other at a mall clothing store.

They plan to run away together to the “Twin Cities,” aka Minneapolis-St. Paul. Instead, their adoptive parents, Ray and Lisa — two very different people — agree to live together so the girls can be together. It turns out, the twins are ~very different people~, too. Of course, comedy ensues…

And if you’re wondering where the show’s ~super funny~ plots came from, the answer is…real life!

“A lot of people might not know this, but every year at the beginning of the season, me and my sister would sit down with the producers and tell them what’s going on with our lives in real life, and they would turn those into stories, Tia told Nylon.

In case you’re curious, Tia is on board with a Sister, Sister reboot, too.


“We're looking, right now, for a producer and a writer, someone who can kind of be a leader of the pack in regards to running the show, Tia told Nylon. “I thought people would kind of be jumping on it, but it's a lot harder than my sister and I thought it would be.

We DEFINITELY hope the Sister, Sister reboot happens. Both onscreen and off, the sisters seem ~very~ motivated and do what they set out to do. Meanwhile, we’re going to go binge-watch all the old eps of Sister, Sister rn! Brb!