This VERY tall 17-year-old is handing out the most hilarious business cards

Tall women get pretty used to the things that go along with being closer to the sun than average. The comments that people continually make while thinking nobody else has ever made such clever comments (how’s the weather up there?), the assumptions about your athleticism (you must play basketball), as well as the fashion struggles that nobody understands (on that note, can we NOT with flare jeans? We tall women did not enjoy wearing floods in the early 2000s and we don’t want to go BACK to that).

One super tall 17-year-old got tired with putting up with the old routine, though, and had a business card printed to cover the basics. It’s BRILLIANT.


The business card was given to 5′ tall high school student Heather when she was assigned to work on a project with a very tall student and asked how tall he was. NYMag DM’d Heather on Twitter to get the scoop.

“I’m 5 feet tall, so I obviously noticed he was much taller than me. I asked him how tall he was and he said ‘6’7’ and my exact next words were ‘really?,’ so he pulled out his wallet and handed me that card.

We can’t imagine how many times this kid must’ve gotten asked about his height to have a card printed up. Actually, we don’t have to imagine — he told NYMag that even though he bought 100 cards for $10, his stock is running low because, get this, he estimates he gets asked about his height 5-10 times *every day.*


Whether or not this kid is a basketball player, we think he at least has a pretty bright future as a comedian.