What it would sound like if we talked like our Facebook statuses

We all have them. You know, those friends who post cryptic Facebook status updates that have nothing to do with you or anything that remotely makes sense to you or to most people. Or the statuses that tag friends you aren’t familiar with and share a cool, fun experience. Or the invites from humans who live across the country who forgot they live across the country. Oh, Facebook statuses. You’re so silly!

But no one is to blame here! Remember when Facebook used to be super intimate and asked you to describe your mood or state of mind and place? You used to have to fill in blank after “is” (for example: Jill Layton is playing with her super adorable dog). You couldn’t leave your FB friends hanging, you know? These days, Facebook is less about sharing our feelings and more about sharing content, and maybe photos (oh Internet, how you evolve). So when we DO see a status appear from a high-school friend or family member, it can be…confusing.

And this video captures that confusion kinda really perfectly. Coming from the genius, funny brain of Jason Horton, the struggles we ALL face with Facebook status comes to life in the best, best way.

Check out the relatable brilliance here:

(Image via Shutterstock)

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