Whatever You Do, Don’t Talk About Your Ex on a Date, New Survey Confirms

Americans have revealed their biggest turnoffs and dipping into the past is just one of them.

You’re on a first date and things are going well. You think you’re really hitting it off and feeling good about the chances of a second meetup.

If the offer never comes, however, know that it may have been due to one of three specific turnoffs that can ruin your chances with someone new.

A new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of adult brand LELO (via Talker) polled 2,000 sexually active adults about their turn-ons and dating/sexual preferences. Not surprisingly, the data found that some major no-nos can still make a potential new partner run for the hills.

Here are the top three turnoffs in America right now, according to the survey results, that every dater should try to avoid.

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3. Being Flirty with Other People

If you want to score a second date, or just boost your relationship odds, it’s probably a good idea to focus on the person you’re with, and not “make eyes” with anyone else during that time.

The survey found that 31% of people think flirting with others is a relationship turnoff… and guess what? We don’t blame them.

Who wants to put time and energy into someone who clearly doesn’t make you feel like you’re the only person in the room?

If you’re not totally sure about your feelings for your date, that’s ok, but openly flirting in front of them is pretty tacky, awkward, hurtful, and could cost you in the end.

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2. Talking About Exes

Getting to know your date—and vice versa—is super important for vetting potential romantic matches. And while the relationships of your future are influenced by those of your past, the latter should pretty much stay there.

According to 33% of those surveyed, bringing up an ex is still a major dating mistake that can turn people off.

There might be times when it’s appropriate — like if you feel comfortable sharing challenges you’re trying to overcome based on that time period in your life — but, for the most part, trashing or praising your ex on a date is a total turnoff.

Similarly, it’s also kind of weird if all you have is praise for your ex, or you’re dredging up emotional baggage from the breakup. Keep ex-talk to a minimum if you want to keep the spark alive.

And the number one dating turnoff?

1. Poor Hygiene

It shouldn’t have to be said, but if you don’t want your date to make a big stink about how stinky you are, practicing healthy habits can keep the bad ones at bay.

A whopping 60%  of Americans say poor hygiene was enough to call it quits with someone.

Tolerating a person’s imperfections is part of what makes good relationships stronger, but there are definitely lines that shouldn’t be crossed (like showering regularly, and washing your hands after you use the bathroom…).

So, brush your teeth, comb your hair, and keep those date outfits clean if you see yourself getting closer to the person you’re seeing.

Oh yeah, and don’t talk about your ex.

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