This talented stylist makes wigs inspired by the Kardashians and your favorite beauty gurus

While wigs, weaves, and extensions have been a beauty mainstay for eons, they’ve recently become much more mainstream thanks to social media. Beauty secrets are becoming few and far between, it’s all about sharing.

Celebs have been more transparent than ever about their love for wigs. What’s not to love? Wigs offer an easy way to switch up hair styles, length, or color with ease. You can copy your fave beauty gurus and celeb crushes in a flash. Luxury hair brand Freedom Couture knows how much bloggers, vloggers, and celebs influence hair trends and creates wigs inspired by the most double-tap-worthy looks of the moment.

Unlike taking a pic of a haircut to your stylist and hoping for the best, Freedom Couture‘s wigs leave very little room for error. It is a wig, after all. What you see is pretty much what you get. Want a sharp bob like Kim’s? Done. Want Amrezy‘s sleek center part? Say no more. Even Karla Jara’s luxe waves can be yours.

You can bet that the minute a Kardashian steps out in a new look, Freedom Couture is already working on recreating the style. Chances are, they’ve got a wig that mimics one of your fave influencers.

These wigs are so realistic it’s crazy. Can you believe this is a wet wig and not a real scalp?!

Freedom Couture lace-front wigs start at around $1100 and go up. The wigs are made to fit the circumference of your head, have perfect hairlines, are handmade and wand-curled, and can last for years and years with proper care. It’s an investment for sure but one well worth it compared to other brands that don’t offer nearly as many bells and whistles.

Every blue moon, Freedom Couture launches a giveaway. Trust us, you’ll definitely want to enter. Follow their IG for updates.

If an FC unit isn’t in your budget, check out the Mamma Couture series on YouTube where owner Francesca De Mori shows you how to make any wig look its best.

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