We rounded up the cutest office pups from Take Your Dog to Work Day (but they’re all good dogs, Brent)

We have a serious weakness for (wo)man’s best friend. So, it only makes sense that our hearts nearly exploded with love when we scrolled through the Take Your Dog to Work Day pictures on social media. In case you missed it, Take Your Dog To Work Day, AKA one of our favorite holidays, was yesterday, June 23rd. (Yes, Take Your Dog To Work Day is a real holiday and it has been since 1999.)

All around this fair country of ours, employees enjoyed a day at the office, filled with tail-wagging, bone-shaped treats and a huge spike in morale. We’re not joking — it’s been scientifically proven! Banfield Pet Hospital conducted a survey in 2016 that studied US companies with pet-friendly policies. What did they find? 88% of employees said that pets in the office improved morale.

And the doggy-day pictures are all over Twitter and Instagram.

So we rounded up the cutest, furriest and funniest pup pics from the most awesome work day of the entire year. (You can thank us later.)

This little mongrel knows he looks damn good in a striped tie!

Look into his intense gaze and the way he owns that swivel-chair. He means business! We are both tickled and intimidated.

We are melting with joy.

Can you imagine anything sweeter? This gorgeous brown fluff ball wants to make sure she’s taking the proper precautions. Hard hat. Hard boots. Reflective vest. All in a ‘ruff’ day’s work. (Sorry, we couldn’t help it.)

This lil pup wore a full suit — because he means business.

Slacking off? Never! This little guy is working hard.

This may be the most important meeting of the day.

We know these magnificent pups will keep the humans in line. Don’t they look official at the gigantic conference table? If only they could prop themselves up, but it’s such a long stretch from the chair seat to the table!

This might be the tiniest furry office friend we’ve seen.

He loved the office — and the office loved him!

Of course, every file cabinet needs one of these to maximize utility.

His sweet brown ears match the brown sitting-mat. Oh, that gives us an idea! Matching your not-so-elegant office equipment with your beautifully elegant pup. Now, that’s a trend we’re sure will take off!

The WWE even got in on things!

It’s official. Take Your Dog to Work Day is the best day of the year. Do we really have to wait 364 days to celebrate again?