If you take an Uber today, you might get a makeup lesson with the legendary Bobbi Brown

Order an Uber — get a makeup lesson from one of the most famous beauty mavens in the world? Is this real life? For beauty lovers in New York City, your dreams could come true.  This evening from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., Bobbi Brown just might hop into your Uber and accompany you on your journey.

Brown will be giving short and sweet makeup lessons to her fellow passengers, featuring her brand’s newest products, Retouching Wands and Retouching Face Pencils.

The Retouching Wand and Face Pencils are the perfect match for a quick pick-me-up in the back of an Uber, as Brown herself even attested to WWD that she prefers to do her makeup, “on the go.” How perfect would they be when you’re rushing to get after-work drinks with friends but don’t have time to go home, walk the dog, shower, and re-do your entire face?

While the Retouching Face Pencils are creamy and non-creasing, perfect for covering up blemishes and red spots, as well as concealing under-eye circles, the Retouching Wands function are the ideal follow up, giving you the appearance of having a full face of makeup complete with a beautiful, airbrushed finish.

You better believe we’ll be refreshing our user page on Uber to get a shot at riding around with Ms. Brown! And since she can’t be everywhere at once, she has dispatched about 20 of her own makeup artists in other cars in both Los Angeles and New York City to provide similar services for her fans this evening. All you have to do is enter the code BOBBIBROWN in your Uber promos tab when you’re ready to get picked up (and touched up).

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