Take the rest of the day off to look at these photos of Queen Elizabeth feeding a banana to an elephant

Pop some popcorn and relax into your La-Z-Boy, because Queen Elizabeth was captured feeding a banana to an elephant — on film! — and you’re going to want to enjoy every inch of these photos.

Queen Elizabeth, 90, and her husband Prince Philip, 95, were on hand at the opening of the new Centre for Elephant Care at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in Dunstable, England on Tuesday, where Queen Elizabeth is a patron. The royals were given a private tour of the facility where they met the assistant curator of elephants — and watched the animals receive a pedicure.

Yes. The Queen of England watched some elephants get their nails done yesterday afternoon. How was your Tuesday?


Okay but back to those snaps of the queen feeding a banana to Donna, a 7-year-old Asian elephant.

First, an elephant trainer handed the queen the fruit.


Seems reasonable so far.

Next, the queen stretched out her hand toward Donna, presenting her offering.


Excellent, lovely.

But THEN! Donna *snatched* the banana away, leaving the queen bewildered!



Donna looks so pleased with herself. If she only knew who she was stealing from!

But it all turned out okay, and the queen seemed in good spirits.


Phew! No one wants an angry queen.

Wasn’t that fun? We thought you’d enjoy. If you need more — and we’re guessing you do — you can watch raw footage of the whole banana-feeding ~incident~ in the video below.


Aren’t you glad you popped that popcorn?

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