It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day and these dogs are taking over the office

Hey Gigglers! Guess what today is…Take Your Dog to Work Day! So before you head off to your office this morning, be sure and pack an extra lunch for your furry friend.

Take Your Dog to Work Day is the awesome creation of Pet Sitters International (PSI), and this year marks its 17th anniversary. While we think bringing our dogs to work is a genus idea any day of the year, the holiday does have an actual, serious purpose. And that purpose is to encourage adoption. PSI believes that once non-pet owning co-workers get to hang out with dogs all day and see how wonderful they are, they’ll head to their local shelter and adopt a homeless pet. I have to say, this sounds like a solid plan.

Plus, according to Fast Company, having pets in the office can lower stress, boost creativity and improve relationships between co-workers. So basically it’s a win-win-win situation.

Here’s wishing you and your four-legged friend a happy Take Your Dog to Work Day, and in celebration, set your eyeballs on these adorable dogs who are ready to take over the office.

Oh, P.S.: Before letting Fido tag along, be sure and check with your boss. Something tells us this guy is all for it:

And maybe remind your dog that personal calls on the job are a no-no.

Most dogs have a great work ethic, so give them a job to do, like “retrieving” documents from the printer. (See what I did there?)

Or shredding documents! Some dogs are really great at this. Just saying.

They work well with others.

This hard-working pup has the mail room totally under control. Obvs.

The shipping department? They’ve got that covered, too.

They’ve even got their paws in the filing cabinet.

Because the filing never seems to end, does it?


This dog has a strong office attire game. Or maybe they forgot to tell him it’s casual Friday.

I think someone might need help from the IT department. The look says it all.

This dog stands by his work. Or, um, on it.

And because EVERYONE loves to get flowers at the office…

Uh oh.  Looks like the afternoon slump is beginning to set in.

Maybe it’s time for a break. Wait…not this kind of break…

Seriously. Wake up, dude.

Maybe just pay a little visit to the water cooler and chat it up with your co-workers. (“Did you hear that Lady got flowers? I think they’re from Spot in shipping.”)

But really, can it please be 5:00?

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