Take a look at Pippa Middleton’s super luxurious honeymoon destination

What’s the best way to follow up the most regal wedding of the year? A fabulous honeymoon on a private island, of course! And that’s exactly what Pippa Middleton and James Matthews are doing for their honeymoon, according to online reports. The couple is reported to be luxuriating at The Brando in French Polynesia which, you guessed it, was named after Marlon Brando, who bought an island (it’s casual) called Tetiaroa in 1967.

If you thought the couple, who asked their wedding guests to bring a second outfit for the reception, weren’t going to honeymoon like Hollywood legends, you’d be mistaken. The Brando is (fittingly) located on Marlon Brando’s island and was built as an eco-friendly resort after the actor died in 2004. According to Delish, it’s a top spot for vacationing celebs due to the luxury service and unbeatable privacy.

While we were really wishing we could get a glimpse of Pippa’s honeymoon style, we’re happy to know the newlyweds are in paradise.

Just look at this place:

Don’t feel like swimming in the ocean? Don’t worry, there’s a pool with ocean views that will cool you off.

Pippa and James are probably soaking up these sunsets while soaking in their wedded bliss.

So romantic!

Here’s an aerial view of the island resort.

Anyone else have Lorde’s “And we’ll never be royals” lyrics stuck in their heads?

This view is almost too romantic for words:

No wonder Marlon Brando bought the island after filming Mutiny on the Bounty there in 1962!

And it looks like the snorkeling’s great, too.

But who needs to look at pretty fish when you can stare into your lover’s eyes all day?

Jealous yet?

It almost seems like a good thing we can’t see paparazzi photos of the romantic getaway or we might explode out of envy.

We wish a happy honeymoon to the lovely couple…though we can’t imagine how it wouldn’t be magical!